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Besides praying does Team Grandparents© (TG©) do any other Activities?

Yes! TG© is comprised of tough, smart, active grandparents assembling to explore ways of sharing our years of faith, knowledge, and life experiences with all our grandchildren.  We are exploring activities that will allow grandparents to mentor, play, encourage, and teach our grandchildren.

TG© remember neighborhoods with front porches where our aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents gathered together. On these front porches our grandparents prayed, mentored, listen to, played with, encouraged, and loved us as grandchildren. Your home church can become the neighborhood spiritual front porch.

TG© primary activity is to pray for our grandchildren. But grandparents having a depth of life experience and knowledge and may want to expand TG© activities as they mentor, love, and encourage the grandchildren in their churches. Often these TG© activities become MISSION and GROWTH opportunities for the home church allowing your church to become the front porch of the neighborhood. 

TG© needs your ideas and input!

 What kind of activities could a Team Grandparents© group do?

TG© will be exploring in the near future the following activities and will hold meetings to explore ideas and to listen to member suggestions. Current suggestions for activities include: Baking and sending cookies to grandchildren in the military or university, sending notes of encouragement to grandchildren, having a Secret Share Day where grandparents share the secrets of favorite family recipes, how to handle finances, or share knowledge about how to do small home repairs. We are considering organizing an old fashioned church picnic, a playing Wii night, “adopting” a grandparent for families who have no grandparents in the area (mentoring, dinner, babysitting) or developing a watchdog group. A small group of grandparents organized to write advertisers, music, fashion or media industries expressing our views for more appropriate clothing, songs, advertising, and programming for our grandchildren.

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