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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team Grandparents© (TG©)?

Tough, smart, active Christian grandparents assembling together to collectively mentor, love, encourage, and pray for our grandchildren.

Where do Team Grandparents© meet?

In your own home church or in your home, wherever Christian grandparents assemble to pray. 

 When do we assemble?

The first Sunday of every month before, during, or after the service grandparents in all churches assemble together to collectively pray for our grandchildren.

Why do we assemble and pray on the first Sunday of every month?

While individual grandparents pray daily for their grandchildren, TG© wants to make visible the power of many Christian grandparents assembling together to pray collectively invoking the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Do we only pray for grandchildren in our church?

Just as a grandmother and grandfather with grins and hugs and lovely smells of homemade cakes or store-bought treats welcome our own grandchildren, TG© swing the church doors open to all grandchildren. We do not pray for “your” grandchild or “my” grandchild, we pray for “our” grandchildren.

  • TG© comprises a list of all the grandchildren represented by the congregation, the neighborhood, and any grandchild we know of in our family, our neighborhood, our community, or our world. The list includes grandchildren of all ages; infants, small children, adolescents, and adults.

  • TG© places these names in our Heart of the Church Box because these children are the heart beat, the health and the future of our church. Every grandparent receives a TG key chain with two hearts on it (symbolizing the intertwining of a grandparent and a grandchild’s heart) as a reminder to pray for all our grandchildren. 

How do we join Team Grandparents©?

There is no fee to join Team Grandparents because prayer is free!  We do ask that you fill out the JOINING Team Grandparents form and e-mail, fax, or mail the form to the TG© office. Then we ask that when the TG© ministry begins you will give us feedback.

Why are Team Grandparents© assembling?

Christian grandparents are assembling because we believe in the power of prayer for our grandchildren. We know our grandchildren are the future of our churches and the future preachers and teachers of the Good News.

Who can come to our church to speak about Team Grandparents©?

Schedules permitting Dr. Denise Fraser Vaselakos can come to your church to speak about TG© . A DVD will soon be available to help present TG©  to your ministry.

How did Team Grandparents© begin?

Dr. Denise Fraser Vaselakos recognized the difficulties all our grandchildren are facing in our world today. She believes, as other Christian grandparents do, that prayer is the answer in protecting our grandchildren and preparing our grandchildren for a life of Christian service. One grandparent praying is powerful, but many grandparents praying every month across the country has the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.