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Prayer Activities

The primary activity of Team Grandparents© (TG©) is Prayer!

TG© meets on the first Sunday of every month before or after church services. Grandparents remember neighborhoods with front porches where our aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents often gathered together. On these front porches our grandparents prayed, mentored, listen to, played with, encouraged, and loved us as grandchildren. Your home church can become the neighborhood spiritual front porch of prayer.

TG© stands physically and spiritually side by side and pray powerfully and collectively with grandparents across the country for our grandchildren.

TG© believes our prayers will shape the lives of our grandchildren.  

TG© comprises a list of all the grandchildren represented by the congregation, the neighborhood, and any grandchild we know of in our family, our neighborhood, our community, or our world. The list includes grandchildren of all ages, infants, small children, adolescents, and adults.  

TG© writes these names on little hearts and puts them on our Team Grandparents© Prayer Board because these children are the heart beat, the health, the future of our church and of our world.

TG©  key chains given to grandparents have two hearts on it symbolizing the intertwining of the hearts of the grandparent and the grandchildren as a reminder to pray for all our grandchildren.

 TG© swings open the church doors to all grandchildren, praying  not only for 'your' grandchild or 'my' grandchild, but for all 'our' grandchildren and for grandchildren from all churches.

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