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Team Grandparents© (TG©) Tell Their “Neighborhood” Their Church Prays for Grandchildren

Today in every church and community single mothers are raising children, families are estranged or just living far distances from their extended families longing for a grandparent. Grandparents do not necessarily have to go to foreign countries to do missionary work, they just have to look inside their churches or in houses next door to their churches.


TG© may work with care teams as TG “adopts” adult grandchildren making them feel welcome and included in the church family.


TG© activities, like intergenerational picnics or teaching programs interface nicely with the community outreach programs of the church.


TG© works with existing Missionary Committees and 'adopts' the children of the church’s missionaries. TG©  prays, sends cards, and encourages the children of the church’s missionaries.


TG© watch for opportunities to pass TG© information to any grandparent they meet as they go through their day. Telling a friend, neighbor, peer, family member or co-worker that our church will pray for their grandchildren the first Sunday of every month lets people know that your church cares about all families, even if your family is not a member.


TG© comprises a list of all the grandchildren represented by your congregation. The list includes grandchildren of all ages: infants, children, adolescents, and adults. We keep these names in the prayer room to represent each grandchild. When someone a grandparent has spoken to asks for TG© to pray for their grandchild, TG© adds that grandchild’s name to the church TG© prayer list.


TG© swings the church doors open to welcome all grandchildren with open arms, grins, hugs, kisses and lovely smells of homemade cakes or store-bought treats. TG© does not pray for “your” grandchild or “my” grandchild, we pray for “our” grandchildren and all the grandchildren who are our neighbors.


TG© through newspaper articles or fliers lets the neighborhood know the church is interested in all grandchildren and their needs. We let our neighbors know we are praying for grandchildren and invite anyone in that community who would like us to pray for their grandchild to add that child’s name to our prayer list.


TG© lets the community know that their church cares about your children.


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