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PLAY Activities

Team Grandparents© (TG©) Love to Have Fun and Play

“I like to play with children!”

“I love golf and would like to share this with young people.”

“I love Wii.”

“I would love to have an old fashioned picnic with  lemonade in a barrel, hot dogs, old fashioned potato salad, and sac races.”

TG© plans intergenerational events like old-fashion picnics where the most fun grandchildren have is a grandparent who just listens, laughs, encourages, mentors, plays and reminds a grandchild “You are loved!”

TG© plans events like Wii times together where grandchildren get to teach grandparents something new. Grandparents can laugh at themselves, have fun with grandchildren and learn something new.

TG© encourages grandchildren to teach grandparents about their lives and interests.

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