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How can Team Grandparents© (TG©) Mentor?

Today in every church and community single mothers raising children, families estranged or just living far distances from their extended families long for a grandparent. Today grandparents do not necessarily have to go to foreign countries to do missionary work, they just have to look inside their churches or in houses next door to their churches.

TG© may work with church care teams to 'adopt' adult grandchildren making them feel welcome and included in the church family. Activities, such as intergenerational picnics, teaching programs and Secret Sharing Workshops interface nicely with the community outreach programs of the church.

“My family always wants to know my recipe for the family’s favorite dessert.”

“I am fantastic at budgeting.”

“My kids always call me when something breaks down in their home. “

“I just have time to be involved in one or two activities a year.”

TG© lets the church’s ’s neighborhood know grandparents are waiting to walk beside them and share the 'secrets' of life as mentors and teachers and that the church is having  Secret Sharing Workshops that would be of interest to grandchildren of all ages in the neighborhood.

TG© Secret Sharing Day - A once a year or more often activity where grandparents grandparents can share the 'secrets' of their family and in these moments the grandparent is loving, guiding, and mentoring grade school, adolescent, or adult grandchildren.

TG© Secret Recipe Day - A grandmothers or grandfathers sharing of secret recipes such as for a Dutch cookie, a Mexican enchalilada, German potato salad, or the family’s favorite Thanksgiving stuffing,  at the church or in their homes.

TG© Secrets of Budgeting Day - A grandfathers or grandmothers way of helping prepare adolescent or adult grandchildren to get control of their finances by sharing the secret of budgeting, good credit, or by paying cash.

TG© Secrets of Fixing a Car or Stopping a Leak Day – Grandparents who know the secret of cars and minor house repairs guiding adolescent and adult grandchildren through the world of cars and homes repairing.

TG© Secrets of Parenting & Business Day – Grandparents sharing the secrets of working in the real world of parenting, preparing  grandchildren young and old for the job market or the business community.

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