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Healing Activities

How does Team Grandparents© (TG©) provide Healing?

  • "What if I don’t have a good relationship with my grandchildren  or my relationship with my son or daughter is strained?"

  • "I pray for my grandchildren everyday, but I haven’t seen them in years."

  • "My son won’t speak to me, so I never get to see my grandchildren."

  • “After my daughter died, my son-in-law stopped bringing my grandchildren over to see me.”

  • “I am so worried about my adult grandchild, he is out of work and on drugs, and he won’t listen to me.”

TG© will pray for you and for your family relationships.

TG© will assemble with you to pray for a soft heart, for guidance, for patience, for mercy, for forgiveness, and for love.

TG© will pray the doors will open for forgiveness and healing. Our role as a grandparent is one of modeling Christ’s love. Whether or not a grandparent is allowed a relationship with their grandchild, a grandparent has a relationship with Christ. Christ welcomes us to pray, to storm the heavens with our prayers, praying not alone, but with other grandparents praying for family healing.

TG© will join together to form a Healing Group to pray for healing both for relationships between themselves and their grandchildren and/or for the healing of their grandchildren . Being a grandparent is painful! Often prayer is the only answer when one watches a grandchild destroy his or her life, or having a breach in a relationship with ones children and not seeing ones grandchildren.

TG© prays for the grandparent as well as the grandchild.

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