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Encouragement Activities

How Does Team Grandparents© (TG©) Encourage?

“I like to encourage people.”

“I am good at note writing.”

“I TM (text message) and email my grandchildren all the time.”

TG© actively listen and watch for opportunities to send encouraging TG© note cards to grandchildren. “We are so proud of you,” cards may go out to that grandchild who sat on the bench most of the season, but stayed with the team, as well as that grandchild who got accepted to a prestigious university. Note cards may get sent to a grandchild in the military or a grandchild in the hospital.

TG© who are “with it” and are fluent in TM or e-mailing can encourage grandchildren electronically. And those grandparents who still know what note cards, pens, and stamps are can send lovely encouraging messages to grandchildren. All the cards, TM, and emails get signed: From the Grandparents of (your home) church letting grandchildren know they are being uplifted and encouraged by many Christian grandparents.

TG© adopts and encourages the children of our home church’s missionaries. Working with the Missionary Committee TG prays, sends cards, and encourages the children of our missionaries.

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